The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read

Are you or a loved one suffering from cancer? Are you in remission? If yes, then this book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand how  to fight cancer.  As I have suggested in earlier posts, conventional treatments are not the only options available to treat cancer and the information in “The Truth About Cancer” may help you and your medical practitioner to make the right choices about the next steps you should take.

“The Truth About Cancer” is written by Ty M. Bolinger, a family man who, after losing several family members to cancer via the conventional medical route, made it his life mission to learn all that he could about alternative cancer treatments.

He has been decried by the medical industry as someone on a quest to malign the industry and fixated on pursuing a personal vendetta to discredit the physicians.

His bias does indeed reflect throughout the book, but if we are open minded in our own quest for knowledge about the subject and overlook some of the evocative content, which borders on a conspiracy theory mind set, the book nevertheless provides much information and resources for understanding and coping with cancer.

The book is divided into three parts:

Part I covers the history of medicine from Hippocrates (considered by many to be the founder of Western medicine) through to the modern day and what Ty considers to be the political ‘smoke and mirrors’ of the established conventional medical industry.

Part II introduces cancer, it’s causes, detection, and possible ways to prevent it.  It questions the validity of the accepted notion that cancer is genetic and proposes that the causes are more likely related to diet and lifestyle.

Part III goes on to discuss alternative treatment protocols, be it using herbs, diet, even viruses and essential oils.  This section alone is very informative and useful for those seeking to understand the potential of alternative therapies.  This section of the book introduces a number of ways to treat cancer and methods to support your health if you’re already undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

While many medical practitioners may dismiss this book as ‘quack science’, each chapter is supported by legitimate references and research papers and these are listed at the end of the book.

Notwithstanding the obvious bias against the medical profession, this book is chock full of information regarding the efficacy of numerous alternative therapies that are helping patients around the world to overcome cancer or improve their quality of life.

You could likely find the information yourself if you have the time and patience to trawl through the internet and to really understand what are the viable options, but this book has done all the leg work for you.

With true success stories from those who have successfully healed their cancer the book will broaden your perspective on the options available.  At the very least there is a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to discuss alternatives with your medical practitioner and to make informed decisions.

Most importantly it will give hope and inspiration and help you to understand that being diagnosed with cancer is not necessarily a death sentence.

For those of you who are new to the search for alternative therapies for fighting cancer, I thoroughly recommend this book.

It can be purchased through Amazon as hardback, paperback, or Kindle.


For an example of the work Ty and his team are doing, take a look at Understanding Four Stages Cancer

As always, feel free to comment or leave questions below, or perhaps leave your own review of the book.  You can also drop me an email … Don’t be a stranger, I would love to hear from you.

As always, I wish you well and stay healthy.



2 thoughts on “The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read”

  1. A really nice book review. Gives a fresh perspective on how conventional medicine may not be the right course of action. Of course, not saying that it doesn’t necessarily work but I feel that it is always good to keep an open mind to all possibilities.

    1. Thank you for your positive comments. Just to take note that in no way is any of my content to be construed as medical advice. I am simply sharing my own experiences with natural therapies for curing cancer and additional information that I have researched in the hope that it will aid people to make informed decisions about the steps they should take to prevent or potentially alleviate their cancer. As you say it is important to have an open mind.

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