The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments

Screenshot natural therapyMany are aware of the adverse side effects of conventional methods to treat cancer, yet much scepticism remains regarding natural cancer treatments.  Such scepticism is hardly surprising since all the conventional cancer treatments have gone through rigorous testing to ‘prove’ they work whereas there has been limited testing on alternative treatments; it can therefore be argued that there is no scientific basis to support their effectiveness in treating cancer.  This leads to a fear that some alternative therapies may not be completely safe and could lead to harmful side effects.  This is ironic really, given that the harmful side effects of conventional cancer treatments are well known.


Notwithstanding, in the UK it is estimated that approximately 30-50% of people with cancer have tried some sort of natural therapy depending on their type of cancer.  In the US, it is purported that as many as 60% of cancer patients have sought alternative treatments.  Here in Malaysia, recent research found that just over 40% of cancer patients have used alternative medicines.  Clearly there is still a large percentage of the global population of cancer sufferers that remain sceptic and turn to conventional treatments in the hope that they will  be cured inspite of the known side effects.  Below, I summarise the common side effects associated with conventional cancer treatments.

Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment

The problem with conventional cancer treatments is that they invariably have a detrimental affect on healthy cells, tissues, or organs.  The most common side effects are decreased blood cell counts, fatigue, hair loss, mouth sores, nausea, pain, and vomiting.

For the purpose of this discussion I will focus on Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy, and Targeted therapy.  I will not discuss cancer surgery, since as with any surgery there are always risks, either from the surgery itself or the drugs used.


There are currently more than 100 chemotherapy drugs available for cancer treatment all of which have detrimental side effects.  The most common side effects are anaemia, constipation, fatigue, hair loss, infection due to a weakened immune system, nausea and vomiting, a tendency to bruise or bleed easily.

For most people the side effects are temporary and will normally stop once treatment has finished, but there are cases where people experience long term side effects such as changes to the feeling in their extremities, early menopause, heart problems, infertility, lung problems.

The extent of these side effects depend on the types of drugs used, the type of cancer being treated, and the general health of the patient.  The cause of the side effects is due to the drugs not only attacking the cancer cells but also attacking healthy cells mainly in the blood, hair follicles, digestive tract, and the reproductive system.


Radiotherapy uses high dose radiation to target specific areas where the cancer cells have formed.  Immediate side effects are normally fatigue and some form of skin reaction such as blistering, dryness, itchiness, and peeling.  Patients may also experience mood swings and difficulty sleeping.  Again there is also the possibility of long-term side effects particularly in the area treated; changes in skin pigmentation, permanent hair loss, red spidery marks on the skin, swelling in the area due to blocked drainage channels (lymphoedema), and infertility, to name a few.


Research has shown that cancer cells are sometimes able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system.  In the past few years, advances in cancer immunology have produced several new methods of treating cancer, called immunotherapies.  As the name implies, immunotherapy is designed to help the body’s own immune system fight cancer in one of two ways.  One way is to boost the immune system’s response to better fight against tumours. Alternatively, immunotherapy can be used to bind to or ‘mark’ the cancer cells making it easier for the immune system to find them and kill them off.

The most common side effects are due to reaction at the needle site, for example itchiness, rashes, swelling, and soreness.  A patient may also develop flue-like symptoms such as dizziness, fever, headaches, joint or muscle aches, overall weakness, and so on.  Other reported side effects include diarrhoea, fluid retention, heart palpitation, low or high blood pressure, sinus congestion and risk of infection.  Although very rare, immunotherapies have also been purported to cause severe allergic reactions, there have even been instances of fatal allergic reactions.  Getting the ‘vaccine’ and it’s dosage right is proving to be the most challenging aspect of this treatment and while the common side effects appear minor compared to other conventional treatments, there is still no ‘magic bullet’.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted cancer therapies are again a drug-based treatment that are designed to block the growth and spread of cancer at the molecular level.  These drugs interfere with specific molecules that lead to the growth and progression of the cancer.  There are limitations though in regard to the efficacy of targeted therapy; cancer cells have been found to develop a resistance to the drugs either by mutating to reduce drug interaction or by finding alternative ways to grow and thereby reducing it’s reliance on the target.

Although arguably the drugs used for targeted cancer therapies are less toxic than chemotherapy there are still substantial side effects.  The most common side effects include diarrhoea and problems with liver, such as hepatitis and elevated liver enzymes.  Other side effects may include dry skin, hair depigmentation, increased blood pressure, problems with wound healing, sores, diminished sperm production, subdued immune system, and on the rare occasion, gastrointestinal perforation.

Why Use Natural Cancer Treatments?

During my research for this post, I came across the painting that you see to the right.  Painted during the late 16th century it is a portrait of the Roman Emperor Rudolf II portrayed as Vertumnus, the Roman god of nature and life.  The portrait is meant to represent man’s perfect balance and harmony with nature.  It is this balance that forms the fundamental basis of natural healing.

Unfortunately, this balance has been lost, particularly over the past half century, as our world becomes more and more polluted with manmade toxins.  Our air, soil, water, and even our food, create an ever increasing burden on our bodies. Combined with a general lack of nutrition and increasing consumption of sugar and its derivatives, is it any wonder that the number of cancer cases has increased ten-fold compared to instances recorded in the 1970’s (at that time it was estimated that approximately 10% of Americans suffered from cancer).  These days, despite the trillions of dollars spent on the conventional war against cancer, in the US alone, it is expected that one out of two men and one out of three women will develop cancer, that’s a staggering increase of 40%, meaning at least 50% of the population will develop cancer.

What are the Side Effects of Natural Remedies?

Whereas conventional medicine focuses on targeting the cancer cells themselves while overlooking the underlying cause, natural healing practitioners take a more holistic approach and attempt to restore the natural balance within the body and to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight and kill the unwanted cells; of course there are also side effects but none so devastating as those associated with conventional treatments.

There are many available natural remedies purported to heal and treat cancer, too many for me to list and discuss each one here, but in my search for side effects I really could not find any that are as critical as the ones highlighted above for conventional treatments.  There are mentions of diarrhoea, effects on blood pressure, and caution for pregnant mothers. As a specific example, soursop contains neurotoxins of which excessive consumption could lead to impaired memory, headaches, perhaps loss of balance; patients with Parkinson’s disease should also be cautious.

In terms of conventional medicine, the medical professionals argue that the consumption of natural remedies interact and negate the efficacy of conventional drugs, and yet in 2006 a FDA study of calls to a poison control centre, showed that less than 0.01% of those calls could be attributed to suspected herb-drug interactions.  In fact there is now research ongoing to determine how natural supplements can assist conventional treatments while decreasing the common side effects.

Despite the ongoing criticism from the mainstream medical profession, there are clear advantages in using natural methods to treat cancer:

  • Non-invasive, there is no requirement to remove the ‘offending’ part of the body.
  • Reduced risk of side effects which are comparatively less severe than conventional medicines.
  • More effective for long-standing ailments that are not responding to conventional treatments.
  • Much lower cost than conventional medicines.
  • Readily available and in some cases can even be grown at home.

The disadvantages in my opinion are negligible and possibly the main risk is poisoning if one is not aware of the properties of a given herb or plant.  The lack of regulation, unclear dosage requirements, and of course the lack of scientific research may also be considered as disadvantages.

In a world where statistics show a 30% success rate for conventional treatments and only a 2.5% five-year survival rate for stage-4 cancer patients treated with chemotherapy, I would much rather put my faith in the wisdom of generations of use of natural treatments and the increasing number of testimonials from patients that have healed themselves naturally.


42 thoughts on “The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments”

  1. Hey Salam

    This is excellent information and something which a lot more people really need to know about.

    I have a friend who does something similar, tries to educate people in ways in which they can help themselves without the constant line of drugs that GP’s etc are offering.

    Good luck and I hope your website gets a lot of attention from those in need.



    1. Thanks Steve for the positive comments. It’s surprising how many people are unaware of the natural remedies out there, particularly in Malaysia where there is such an abundance of these types of fruits and herbs. People are still having too much trust in ‘Big Pharma’ drugs not realising that the main intent of these corporations is simply to make money.

  2. What a wonderful sight you have and the information is going to help so many. Not just those facing cancer but other health issues which for some are just as serious as Cancer. I think so many can and will benefit from your own personal experience. I look forward to learning more about the natural foods and herbs in Malaysia.

    1. Thanks Merry. It’s going to be tough to get people to understand that the conventional medical system is just taking their money and I suspect (being polite) that they have no interest in curing people, after all if everyone gets well they don’t need medicine right.
      Malaysia is amazing for its abundance of natural fruits, herbs, and spices, all with health benefits; and yet even many of the locals still prefer conventional medicine. That’s how powerful the “Big Pharma’ campaign is.

  3. Im afraid of cancer, this is currently the scariest disease in world in my opinion. This websise is good good for people who are afraid of cancer, because as we know better prevent than cure. How do You think, if this website will come to more people, they will be less scaried of cancer?

    1. Thanks for your feedback.  The initial idea came about after I essentially healed myself using natural means and I want to share what I learned.  So I  hope this site will put people at ease and feel confident that having cancer is not an automatic prolonged death sentence.

  4. Dear Abdusalam,
    There is more others herbs available locally and known as great natural healing medicine such as butterfly leaf plant and stevia plant.

    Great information for better healty life. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Nor Azham for your comment.

      I will be posting more about Malaysian herbs and fruits with healing properties, particularly for cancer.

      If you take a look through ‘About Me’ you will see that I’ve mentioned in passing the ‘butterfly tea’. A more detailed post on this particular subject will follow in due course.

    2. Tq for the info,i didn’t know stevia its good for healing cancer.But i bought this plant and try to propagate as many as i could cuz i tried to avoid sugar.In fact,my late father n grandmother had diabetic,make me too conscious about it.

      1. Certainly research has shown that Stevia has potential in terms of cancer treatment; one of the main aspects of stevia is that it doesn’t enter the blood stream and this is the main source of ‘food’ for the cancer cells which rely on glucose being delivered to it by blood. If the supply of glucose is cut off the cancer cell essentially ‘starves to death’.

    1. Hi Billy, I’m glad you find it useful.
      Please visit regularly as there will be more posts coming with valuable information for the natural treatment of cancer.

  5. As a nurse and reiki healer I have a foot in both worlds. I do have a strong belief in the wonderful effects of natural healing methods and I agree that the medical profession in general are far too quick to denounce natural healing methods as rubbish.
    However, I also think that natural healing won’t work for everyone, and it would be unwise in those cases to dissuade people from looking at medical treatments. Both do have side effects, albeit unevenly, but both have their place in treating cancer.
    I think the way forward will eventually be combining both in the most natural ways possible to gain maximum benefit and healing for each individual.
    But a lot more research needs to take place before we see this. Great article highlighting both sides.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Susan, you’re absolutely correct in that the way forward is to combine both approaches and people should always, ALWAYS, consult there doctor before considering natural alternatives.  But at the same time, people should recognise that their doctors do not necessarily know everything.  I believe there are now moves to address this in the medical training institutes but as far as research is concerned, while yes more is required, the problem is who is going to fund it?  Certainly it’s not in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry to fund such research, they’re not going to make any money from it and I’ve discussed this in my other posts.  Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

      Let’s not forget, to the industry, Reiki is also a ‘quack science’ and yet there are many success stories of it being applied successfully 🙂

  6. I love, love, love this post. Thank you for so clearly illustrating the harmful effects of toxic cancer treatments.

    The body is amazing and can heal itself with the proper nutrients with its own immune system. These toxic therapies just wear the immune system right out leaving you sickly and weak.

    I totally agree that natural cancer treatments are a better option and I personally would never subject myself to chemo or radiation or any other invasive or chemical cancer therapy.

    Now if we could only find more doctors and hospitals that would be willing (or able) to practice natural cancer therapies.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Dani, thanks for your comment.  We have become so brainwashed to rely on commercial medicines that it always seems to be the ‘go to’ as soon as we get the slightest ailment.  But it’s not just the medicines wearing out our immune system.  Commercial foods also have a big part to play.

      I’m truly fortunate to be in Malaysia, there are so many natural foods available.

      The other good thing about Malaysia, is that many doctors and even the government have a good awareness of natural treatments due to their upbringing.  There are moves to create an integrative therapy approach whereby new and old compliment each other.

      You take care and don’t forget to come visit again 🙂

  7. Easy access and much much cheaper alternative than whats sold to us by the pharmaceutical compnies.

    Thanks bro for the information!

    1. For those of us in Malaysia, or any of the tropical countries it is indeed very easy to get access to all of the natural remedies.
      I think in the West it is perhaps more difficult as development wipes out nature.
      As a result people turn to commercially available supplements, but how effective these supplements are is still questionable in my opinion.
      As with any processed ‘food’s a lot of the goodness is taken out by the industrial process itself.

      Natural is always best, preferably organic.

      Thanks for visiting and don’t be a stranger.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find the information here useful. The knowledge of natural healing is slowly being lost, especially for cancer.
      It is my mission to ensure that that doesn’t happen.
      Our ancestors, whichever part of the world you may be were aware of this knowledge.
      Feel free to share this with your friends and loved ones.

      Take care and be healthy.

  8. Dear Salam
    You might want to Visit Mardi and Serdang UPM area where they have research centre for herbs and spices that available locally and we also can buy from them with their professional advice on the herbs and spices potential for alternative medication for certain sickness and even cancer. Really appreciate your effort to educate us on the issues of cancer and the herbs pontential to cure it .Whatever people says about the herbs on its medication potential to cure cancer and diseases we have been promised by god Al Mighty for every sickness there will be a cure only we have to look around us to find it.

    Cheers ASG good work keep it up

    1. Thanks Ezam. I know MARDI and have been meaning to visit it, I didn’t know they have a research centre so thank you for sharing that.
      And you’re right, I also believe the God provided a cure for all disease.

      Somehow the world today is losing the relationship with God (or whatever term you want to use for the Creator) and with that people are also losing their connection with the Universe. I hope that this website can do a little part in restoring that relationship on whatever level people choose.

      Stay healthy.

  9. Greetings,

    This is a great website with not only wealth of information but with wealth of hope from a person who has had a personal journey in combating cancer. This website must be spread far and wide! Thank you for reminding us that disease is always a curing process – a remedial effort of the vital powers to purify the system and recover to its normal state – which can always be better accomplished without medicines than with them!

    1. Greetings right back at you Khalid. Than your for your positive comments about the website.
      The site is still young and there is a wealth of information out there.
      I hope to gather that information and hopefully give people a better understanding about the options available through nature.
      We tend to blindly accept the ‘wisdom’ of the medical industry forgetting that it is exactly that, an industry. An industry designed to maximise profits.
      That’s not to say that all doctors are bad, but at the end of the day they rely on what they’re taught and rarely are they taught about nutrition and natural healing.
      Hopefully this site can play role in disseminating such information and as you say, give people hope.

      Feel free to share this site to spread it ‘far and wide’ as you say 🙂

  10. Hi Abdulsalam

    Nice to see that you are getting into health and cancer prevention

    Our health is something we do not think about until we get sick or too late.
    I am very close to 60 now and avoiding foods which are not natural or fresh, I even reduced intake of bread and sweets ( although I crave on sweets) . I feel better and I lost some kilos too.
    One question. How do I know if the food is natural beside reading the label.
    How do we avoid harmful pesticides in our food if we cannot get any labels on the food
    Just wondering how natural our food is?
    I don’t want to make our life miserable but it is good to know to prevent sickness

    1. After my recovery and the difficulties I found trying to get the information about natural treatments for cancer, I realised it was necessary to do more research and share that research with others. This website has become my mission to share and help others to understand the alternatives together with the pros and cons.

      It’s amazing that so many people do not realise that our diets are killing us. For the sake of convenience we put so many chemicals into our bodies, of course there is going to be reaction.

      The best way to determine if a food is pesticide free is to look for the organic type, it may have a label or be in an organic section of the supermarket. Many countries now have strict regulations on what is to be deemed organic but if you’re in country that doesn’t have this, I think the best way is to know your local farmers, see how they raise their crops or livestock.

      In my opinion, definitely avoid what they call GMO foods, genetically modified. There simply is not enough research to determine the long term affects on our bodies.

      I hope I’ve answered your question, if you have anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to comment further or even send me an email.

      Oh, almost forgot, don’t just avoid sweets, try to avoid sugar in general, especially the refined sugars.

      Happy 60th in advance 😉

  11. Just wanted to say that I’m so impressed with what you’re doing here and so proud to have you as my oldest friend.
    When you hear, as both you and I have, those dreaded words “I’m sorry to tell you you have cancer” the bottom falls out of your world. It’s all too easy to think that’s the end and to give up but that’s not the answer. Keep searching and keep moving forward; you gave me amazing tips and helped me so much. It’s 5 years this month since I had two operations to rid me of my cancer but it’s the hope your research gives that makes the future seem tangible.
    Well done and thank you M A G ?

    1. Hi Heather, I’m glad that you’ve been declared cancer free. I’ve lost to many family members and friends to this particular monster.
      In your position now, you really need to concentrate on prevention. Papaya may be the way to go, I’m guessing it’s readily available in UK.
      The power of natural treatments is underestimated whereas the ‘success’ of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy are highly questionable and I believe the statistics show that. I’m not saying the natural treatments present a miracle cure, and more recently I’ve lost friends for whom it was just to late :'(
      But, the natural way worked for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from cancer.

      Keep in touch and come visit again soon.

    1. Hi Nimi, thanks for taking the time to visit my site.
      The natural therapies for cancer are highly underestimated. I was surprised even in Malaysia how little people are aware of these alternatives, and yet we live in a country that is truly abundant with such natural blessings.

      If you have any questions, or know of anybody that would like more information, just drop me a line.

      Take care and stay healthy 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing. Good to know that there are other alternative solutions out there that don’t result in huge hospital bills but are just as effective.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s not just the money aspect with regard to conventional medical treatments. The fact of the matter is that they’re not effective and arguably doing more damage than good. Nature is created the way it is for a reason. Our ancestors understood the relationship with the environment, alas we in the modern day have lost that understanding and thereby lost our connection with nature and its benefits. What do you think?

  13. Hai Mr Abdul Salam,

    Natural products for healthier life… doubt and abundant in Malaysia. Kudos Mr Salam for your efforts in sharing and educating us on the importance and the benefits of natural products.

    I wish you all the best and keep on moving.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Yeop. Malaysia is ideal for so many natural remedies and yet the health benefits of these fruits and herbs are fast becoming forgotten by the younger generations. I hope that this site can go someway to reviving the knowledge and use of our natural riches, we have so many here in Malaysia. Don’t be a stranger.

  14. Tqvm for a great posting.. it is very informative & useful..
    It will help me to make decision since i havent start any conventional treatment yet..
    Thx again!

    1. I’m glad you find the information useful, but as always I have to say, do not take anything at my site as a medical consultation or recommendation. I’m only sharing what I experienced myself and information and research found on the internet. I take it then that you have cancer, may I ask what type and what stage?

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