My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally

The Proverbial Death Sentence

In January 2017, a lump removed from my neck turned out to be malignant so I immediately started learning how to heal cancer naturally. How did I do it?   What ‘trickery’ did I use to baffle the doctors?

Here is a more detailed account of my personal experience and how I cured my cancer through natural means.

I think I’m a sensitive guy; I cry at movies, I’m passionate, loving, caring, and so facing the doctor that day to get the results of the lab analysis on the offending lump, I suppose the doctor was expecting some dramatic response or breakdown as he told me the news of the ‘death sentence’, in medical terms “Carcinoma of Lymph Node“.

I was in fact totally calm, not in a numbed shock kind of way, but rather just accepting that if this was the way I’m meant to ‘pass on’, so be it.  After all, my family history implied it was not a matter of if, but rather when, I was going to get cancer; I just figured it was my time.

He showed me the reports which contained the photos of the cells doing whatever it is they do. He was confident that he had removed most of the lump, but was concerned that since it appeared in the neck, this was considered a secondary site meaning that the primary site or cause was somewhere else in the body, that being the case, he explained that I should expect in all probability, the cancer to continue its growth and spread rapidly.  He then went on to assure me that there are treatments available and have considerable success rate.

First of all, he said, to determine the site of the primary cancer, a PET-CT Scan was required, however this particular hospital did not have the facility and so it was agreed to refer me to another hospital.  An appointment was made for the following week to consult with a second surgeon who would advise the way forward.

Nature’s Way

In the mean time, I decided to start researching natural treatments.  I currently live in Malaysia and natural remedies for numerous minor ailments are common practice; but I had not really come across people who talked about treating cancer, I mean it’s not really a subject that readily comes to mind in casual conversation.


Surprisingly, the first couple of friends were quite positive and told me about teas, fruits, and herbs that some member of one family or another had used with some success.  Research on the internet seemed to support their comments. I discovered the many health benefits of Malaysian tropical fruits and how they are believed to be able to treat and prevent certain non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, problems with cholesterol, and of course, cancer.  Generation to generation, the consumption of raw Malaysian herbs and wild vegetables has been used as medicines for cleansing, detoxification, general health, and vitality.  The use of such fruits and herbs has been based on practical experience with limited medical research, and by eating them raw, the nutritional content is maintained.

I Believe…

I have a firm belief that my illness was from the Creator, the Supreme Being, or whatever name you want to use for ‘God’.  I also firmly believe that the necessary medicines have been created and exist in nature; it is said that ‘there is no disease that alLah has created, except that He also has created its remedy’.

With this in mind, a firm belief, and a trust that the remedies are available naturally, I began drinking a thing called ‘teh rerama‘, or butterfly tea, so named because the shape of the leaves are similar to butterfly wings. I would add one bag to a flask of hot water and consume throughout the day.

Twice daily, I consumed a locally made product made from ‘belalai gajah‘, which literally translated means ‘elephant trunk’ but is commonly known as ‘snake grass’.

Another locally made product was taken daily for general health, vitality,  and strengthening of the immune system.  It is a juice made up of a mixture of herbs, herbal extracts, pomegranate juice, black seed, honey, dates, and a combination of ginger, ‘temu‘ (a kind of root), turmeric, fenugreek, cloves, cinnamon and pepper, among others.

I also consumed once a day, another combination of 14 herb extracts and spices; apparently formulated for men, this was to increase stamina, improve blood flow, and again strengthen the immune system, (it also improved male performance but that’s besides the point).

In addition, I would go to the local market and buy papaya and soursop. Soursop is well known for its curative properties and attacking cancer cells, but what many people don’t know is that the papaya seeds are also an effective ‘medicine’ for cancer.

Of course, I watched my diet, cut out sugar and starchy carbohydrates, ate more vegetables and mainly chicken breasts for meat.  Being aware that the Mediterranean region has apparently lower levels of cancer than other Western countries, I also started to eat a mix of black and green olives every day.

Consultation with the Surgeon

It was time to consult the surgeon and organise the PET-CT Scan.
He was friendly enough, polite and professional.
He reviewed the previous reports and then started to talk about a thing called ‘radical neck dissection‘ and then treatment by radiotherapy.

I let him explain the procedures and what the possible side effects are and then he consulted his calendar to see when I could come in for the surgery.

Now I was shocked! Removal of the lymph system? Cutting jugular veins? Speech impediment? Loss of movement?  I told him as far as I knew, I was there to arrange for a full body scan, not book myself in for another more aggressive surgery.  Almost disappointed, he acknowledged that a scan would be appropriate first, and so we arranged a date.

I told him that whatever the results were, I would prefer natural means to heal rather than his conventional methods. He obviously had no comment and said he would see me on the day of the scan. The scan was straight forward enough but it would take 2-3 days to get the result.  The suspense was killing me. When finally I got the call, I again went over to see the surgeon, and at this point I admit to being slightly nervous.  Had my belief in nature’s cures been successful?


It was good news, the doctor just could not believe the result, but there was absolutely no sign of cancer anywhere in my body, the primary cancer that they were looking for was nowhere to be seen.
It was then that I told the surgeon about the daily regime that I had started and still continue to this day.  He insisted I come initially for weekly follow-ups during the first month, then monthly, but really it was just wasting my time and his and I’ve actually stopped going for check-ups now.

Miraculous? Maybe, but as I said earlier, a firm belief, an acceptance that this was my destiny whatever the result, a trust in the Almighty and the provision of natural cures, all combined to effect a natural healing within my body.

One thing is for sure, we should never blindly trust the doctor’s advice; we need to educate ourselves about the alternatives, challenge doctors opinions, ask questions, and demand answers.

As for my anticipated ‘death sentence’, thankfully it’s postponed to another day.

I hope you found this post informative, inspiring, and beneficial. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions and please come visit again for further updates and interesting articles.

8 thoughts on “My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally”

  1. Hi, this is fascinating and I admire you for sharing this information with the World. It’s amazing that natural remedies or products could cure cancer like this. I am also in Malaysia and isn’t it amazing how many Chinese herbal shops there are here?! Obviously they believe in nature’s powers too.

    I am a lover of olives too and I always have some in my fridge so this is good news. I’m aware of the healing aspects of turmeric but there’s a lot you mention that I haven’t heard of. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Craig,
      I know… it’s awesome the amount of natural healing remedies that are available, particularly here in Malaysia.
      I’m so pleased that you found something new; essentially that’s the purpose of my website, to disseminate this knowledge.

      Don’t be a stranger, I’ll be updating regularly.

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. That must have been a scary experience when you were told you have cancer! That’s amazing that with healthy eating and herbs you were cured of the cancer. As I’m from North America, very little research is done into the natural ways to treat diseases. It’s as though you are expected to go with mainstream medicine and are frowned upon when using a natural treatment. It doesn’t stop me though…I still love using natural remedies! I’m so glad it worked for you!

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I must say, I’m fortunate that we discovered it early but the truth is I wasn’t scared.  Mainly because of my faith I guess.  The doctors were kinda surprised that I was so cool about it.  There was no emotional breakdown or drama.

      I truly believe that the ‘Supreme Being’ has provided everything for the welfare of mankind, and if we take the time, we can find all of these benefits.  Problem is, the greed of mankind gets in the way.

  3. Hello!
    I am so grateful to hear that you are cancer free. I also believe that the Universe provided all these amazing medicinal opportunities for us to discover we are all our own healers. We just have to be willing to ask the right questions and trust our inner truth.

    And I am a big fan of we are what we eat. I have learned through dealing with autoimmune issues that food and medicinal herbs are what heals at the cellular level.

    I really look forward to more of your posts. They are so informative.

    I have survived a chronic rare neurological disease because of cannabis tincture. It has completely given me my life back. So I am a big proponent also of possibility and cannabis. And all that grows for its powerful way of healing.

    I am so glad this is your niche. I wish you great success and joy, ariel

    1. Thank you Ariel, and it’s good to meet like-minded people that believe in the power of nature to heal our bodies. Our grandparents had some idea about it, even if it was a fading memory and they weren’t sure why, but I remember always being told “eat your greens” LoL.

      Great news on surviving the neurological thing, and yes, cannabis has great potential, but the world has been brainwashed to view it with some stigma; just another tactic by Big Pharma to build their coffers.

      I do mention a certain ‘herb’ in my recovery, but since it is still illegal in Malaysia, it’s not something to be openly discussed or promoted. I could do without the death sentence.

      I look forward to sharing your further thoughts in the future.

      Stay healthy 🙂

  4. Assalam bro Abdussalam Green,
    Well done bro…u are such a very motivated person..till now I am still amazed of what u had been thru to fight ur disease naturally. May Allah give u a good strength and blessing to continue with this cancer therapy…InshaAllah

    1. Dr Rushdan, welcome and it’s a pleasure to see you here.
      Btw everybody reading this… this is the doctor that performed the original surgery, not the one that was pushing for radical neck surgery :p

      Doc, I hope you visit here often but I have one request… Please be critical if you think some of the ideas are heading the wrong way. I do feel a huge responsibility with this site and I would hate that I’ve inadvertently posted something that is clear misinformation. So please be my ‘check and balance’.

      Thanks for everything.

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