My New Blogging Experience – Satire

Natural HealingMy website has been set up to share information about natural therapies, how to avoid cancer naturally, and the use of natural therapies should you already have it. If i can generate an income on the side, then that’s a great plus point for me to support my huge family. But, I’m discovering that this blogging thing is not so easy.

It’s now 8.30am here in Malaysia, or rather… ‘at this particular location, it is the time of day where it would take another three and a half hours for the clock to reach the midday point‘.

Blogging is new to me but I’m learning slowly.  I don’t know if my keywords are working properly, or even if I’ve set them up correctly, and at this point I don’t know how to check.  Maybe after all this effort, Google (oops, am I allowed to say that?), anyway, Google might not even be picking up my pages or blogs, I am most likely invisible to the internet search engines.

The writing process is addictive and I haven’t slept properly for a few days as I try to reach my writing zone.  Yesterday I had an epiphany, BAM!!!  The ideas came flooding in. Write something about the apparent conspiracy of ‘Big Pharma‘, discuss legislation in the pharmaceutical industry, will Senator McCain turn to cannabis for his cancer, what are the benefits of tropical fruits, can western herbs be used to heal cancer naturally, it was a real thought tsunami.

I started writing and I decided I wanted to use a definition from one of the online dictionaries; I used the quotation tab from my blogging application to format it and being concerned about plagiarism, I thought it a good idea to use a permalink to the url citing the source.  Well, apparently it’s not that simple.

I discovered that in the internet community, this is referred to as ‘dupe’ content, meaning duplication of content, and this is frowned upon. A friend suggested I use a screenshot of the material I want to use and place it in my blog, but I really didn’t like the way that it looked.  I’m trying to create a certain visual impact for my blogs, and with the way I write, the screenshot just looked ugly and it spoiled the flow.

Then it happened, that slow dull feeling as the brain starts to get foggy and gradually it was evident that I couldn’t write anymore.  The mental flow of inspiration had come to a grinding halt and there it was, I was stumped and confused (sounds like a Led Zeppelin song).  The death knoll for a blogger, the dreaded writer’s block.

My mind was whirling as I found myself asking if this was yet another arena where common sense has been thrown out of the window. What about the news articles we always see on the internet?  They literally say the exact same thing about a news item; word for word, verbatim.  What about those very same online sources to which I want to refer, academic journals, newspaper articles, journal references, all being cited in other websites.  They seem to be popular and get plenty of website traffic.

Am I not allowed to quote these sources? If I read a news story that inspires me to write about something, can I not make reference to it and use it’s content to support my discussion without being ‘penalised’?

Then I was told that there are applications available that can be used to format quotes in a way that the internet doesn’t get upset about. I found one and took a look, but all I could understand from it was that there’s a whole bunch of code, way, way, WAY over my head; oh, did I mention I’m not an IT specialist or a programmer?

Anyway, this begs the question, actually many questions; how many ways is it possible to rephrase something that has been said a million times before and is essentially an immutable fact?  What is the point of online reference sources if you can’t use them in a logical manner? Why even bother?

Time was getting on, the device on the wall with the rotating pointers was telling me it’s about three hours after the point commonly known as midnight.  So it was time for me to surrender for the evening, I mean morning, and I made my way to that place where people normally achieve the opposite of wakefulness.

And so here I am, it’s early morning-ish, and instead of putting the final touches to my own version of an informative blog about how to heal cancer naturally, I am sitting here writing about how my momentum had been halted as the currents of air were taken from my proverbial canvas propulsion device.

Damn this is hard work, but as they say ‘slow and steady wins the race‘… Erm, am I allowed to write that?

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “My New Blogging Experience – Satire”

  1. Hello there!

    Oh, I’ve quite enjoyed reading this – yes, you are find-able, so eventually, I’m sure the sites that rank other sites will be finding you :-).

    I hope you find your writing flow, you probably will, no do not fret.

    In the meantime, these satirical pieces will do – this is also writing, so yes, carry on!

    All the best, hoping to read more from you soon.

    1. Thank you for your very kind comments.

      Yes the satirical peace is a bit tongue-in-cheek, it had been a long day. Lol.

      I am considering a  humour page. More of a gallows humour’ really. Would you consider that offensive given the subject matter of my site?

  2. This is great. I have had some of the same quandaries. I spent 15 years going through an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree with Minor, and Graduate School…I did only 1 course at a time for the graduate courses since they cost a fortune. Throughout that whole time I was researching and writing papers…countless papers. I had to cite everything of course.

    Then I start my blog and suddenly I am afraid to even try to cite anything! It is ridiculous! It isn’t like I am not familiar with plagiarism, citation styles etc. etc.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      If I think I am even touching on plagiarism, then I will normally create a link within the text to the original article, I just hope this covers it. Good luck with your blog and I wish for you every success.

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