What is a Quack Doctor

Did you know in many countries doctors are still referred to as ‘quacks’ and no it has nothing to do with ducks. ‘Quack’ is also being used to describe natural healers, but is it justified? Let’s try to understand, what is a quack doctor?

Since the dawn of mankind, people have always looked for ways to overcome sickness and pain and there has been no shortage of ‘wise’ men and women to offer advice and treatment. Witch doctors, shaman, bomoh, and of course quack doctor are just a few of the terms to describe these practitioners; some are reputable, some are competent, but there are many that are just charlatans and fraudsters taking advantage of people’s need to be cured.

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Christmas With Cancer – Can It Still Be Jolly?

Christmas is coming!  With exactly 2 weeks to Christmas, you might be struggling to decide what is the best gift to give to somebody who will spend their Christmas with cancer.

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion with family, friends, and loved ones.  But for those diagnosed with cancer, can it still be a joyous occasion?

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