What is a Quack Doctor

Did you know in many countries doctors are still referred to as ‘quacks’ and no it has nothing to do with ducks. ‘Quack’ is also being used to describe natural healers, but is it justified? Let’s try to understand, what is a quack doctor?

Since the dawn of mankind, people have always looked for ways to overcome sickness and pain and there has been no shortage of ‘wise’ men and women to offer advice and treatment. Witch doctors, shaman, bomoh, and of course quack doctor are just a few of the terms to describe these practitioners; some are reputable, some are competent, but there are many that are just charlatans and fraudsters taking advantage of people’s need to be cured.

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What Are The Stages of Cancer

Today I want to help you understand what are the stages of cancer and what it actually means for the patient and those around them.

Many of us are probably familiar with the terms Stage I cancer, Stage II cancer, thru to Stage IV (1 thru 4), but there are actually 5 stages; there is also a Stage 0.  But what do these numbers mean and what are they actually telling us? Continue reading “What Are The Stages of Cancer”

The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read

Are you or a loved one suffering from cancer? Are you in remission? If yes, then this book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand how  to fight cancer.  As I have suggested in earlier posts, conventional treatments are not the only options available to treat cancer and the information in “The Truth About Cancer” may help you and your medical practitioner to make the right choices about the next steps you should take. Continue reading “The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read”

How is Coconut Oil Good For You

Opinions are divided regarding the health benefits of coconut oil, some good, some bad, some purely due to commercial interests.  For those who ask how is coconut oil good for you, read on to understand the potential benefits of this oil.

Coconut oil is normally associated with skin care, hair conditioning, and cooking, but exciting new research indicates that it has strong potential as a cancer killer; more about that further down. Continue reading “How is Coconut Oil Good For You”

Papaya Leaf Tea Benefits for Cancer Patients

Earlier I introduced Papaya as a ‘superfood’ having the potential to beat cancer. In that post I mentioned the use of Papaya tea made from the papaya leaves.  Let’s take a more detailed look at how Papaya Leaf Tea benefits cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy.

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Is Papaya Good for Cancer?

Absolutely!  I actually used papaya fruit and the seeds to help clear my cancer and so it’s timely that I should talk about how papaya is good for cancer treatment.  The fruit, seeds, and leaves, all have powerful properties for combatting cancer.

Carica Papaya‘, or Papaya, is commonly grown in tropical and subtropical countries, both as a food and for use in natural treatment of various ailments. Continue reading “Is Papaya Good for Cancer?”

The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment

There has been increasing interest in the use of Soursop for cancer treatment and its ability to kill cancer cells naturally.

Soursop goes by a number of names, including graviola, guanabana, and corrosol; in Malaysia we call it durian belanda. Continue reading “The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment”

The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments

Screenshot natural therapyMany are aware of the adverse side effects of conventional methods to treat cancer, yet much scepticism remains regarding natural cancer treatments.  Such scepticism is hardly surprising since all the conventional cancer treatments have gone through rigorous testing to ‘prove’ they work whereas there has been limited testing on alternative treatments; Continue reading “The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments”