What Is Stage 5 Cancer?

Stage 5 Cancer?In my last post I gave an overview of the different stages of cancer, Stages I thru IV, and while many people have heard of these, not many were aware that there is a Stage 0. In the comments for that post, somebody had made a reference Stage 5 cancer, so today I want to clarify and address this misconception. Continue reading “What Is Stage 5 Cancer?”

What Are The Stages of Cancer

Today I want to help you understand what are the stages of cancer and what it actually means for the patient and those around them.

Many of us are probably familiar with the terms Stage I cancer, Stage II cancer, thru to Stage IV (1 thru 4), but there are actually 5 stages; there is also a Stage 0.  But what do these numbers mean and what are they actually telling us? Continue reading “What Are The Stages of Cancer”

The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read

Are you or a loved one suffering from cancer? Are you in remission? If yes, then this book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand how  to fight cancer.  As I have suggested in earlier posts, conventional treatments are not the only options available to treat cancer and the information in “The Truth About Cancer” may help you and your medical practitioner to make the right choices about the next steps you should take. Continue reading “The Truth About Cancer | This book is a must read”

Is Papaya Good for Cancer?

Absolutely!  I actually used papaya fruit and the seeds to help clear my cancer and so it’s timely that I should talk about how papaya is good for cancer treatment.  The fruit, seeds, and leaves, all have powerful properties for combatting cancer.

Carica Papaya‘, or Papaya, is commonly grown in tropical and subtropical countries, both as a food and for use in natural treatment of various ailments. Continue reading “Is Papaya Good for Cancer?”

The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment

There has been increasing interest in the use of Soursop for cancer treatment and its ability to kill cancer cells naturally.

Soursop goes by a number of names, including graviola, guanabana, and corrosol; in Malaysia we call it durian belanda. Continue reading “The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment”

The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments

Screenshot natural therapyMany are aware of the adverse side effects of conventional methods to treat cancer, yet much scepticism remains regarding natural cancer treatments.  Such scepticism is hardly surprising since all the conventional cancer treatments have gone through rigorous testing to ‘prove’ they work whereas there has been limited testing on alternative treatments; Continue reading “The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments”

My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally

The Proverbial Death Sentence

In January 2017, a lump removed from my neck turned out to be malignant so I immediately started learning how to heal cancer naturally. How did I do it?   What ‘trickery’ did I use to baffle the doctors?

Here is a more detailed account of my personal experience and how I cured my cancer through natural means.

Continue reading “My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally”