Cancer is Good for Business

Their is an ever increasing perception that ‘Big Pharma is reluctant to pursue ways to heal cancer naturally.  The fact is, cancer is good for business.

In May 2015, it was reported that the global market for cancer drugs had reached USD100 billion in annual sales.  In June the following year, annual sales had reportedly increased by a further USD7 billion.  This trend is currently expected to continue with anticipated annual sales reaching more than USD160 billion by 2021.  This growth will be due to the increasing number of patients diagnosed with cancer, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, China, India, and Japan.  The reason for this exponential increase is expected due to increased consumption of tobacco and processed (Western) foods.

Obviously it is a very lucrative business and yet one has to question the effectiveness of such conventional treatments which in many cases bring with them some serious side effects without actually curing or healing the patient.

Yes, it could be argued that conventional treatments are improving and the discovery of new ‘treatments’ continues at a fast pace but the price for such drugs is considered astronomical.   Some of the new drugs easily carry price tags of more than USD150,000 per annum. Added to this, these drugs need to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life; how long that would be is uncertain, but assuming it’s 5-10 years, you do the math.

Big Pharma‘ is essentially writing it’s own cheque and worldwide there is an increasing perception that ‘Big Pharma‘ is not particularly interested in truly healing people simply because it would affect profits.

That is not to say that a typical Oncologist or Radiologist does not have the patient’s best interests at heart; they surely believe that the conventional approach is the best option despite the detrimental side effects. Given the soaring cost of drugs, there is a possibility that some people are actually deciding not to receive treatment simply because they cannot afford it.

But financial conspiracies aside, imagine the impact if society could actually be healed, without the serious side effects, without having to break the bank. The reality is that there are natural alternatives and every day we hear more and more success stories of people healing as a result of natural treatments and changes in lifestyle.

These natural remedies are readily available, they’re comparatively way, way cheaper than conventional treatments, and in some cases they can even be grown at home; that is why alternative options are becoming increasingly popular.

This site will share more such stories in the future and provide much needed information to assist you to determine which is the better way forward for you.






2 thoughts on “Cancer is Good for Business”

  1. An interesting read for sure, and I do believe what you’re saying! Cancer essentially is a good money making business. Scary and sad.

    1. You’re absolutely right. It’s no wonder that ‘Big Pharma’ has no interest in supporting natural alternatives; they would lose billions.
      The scary thing is that the doctors rely on research and journals that are sponsored by ‘Big Pharma’. I just wish more doctors had the wherewithal to do their own research and have the guts to make a stand.

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