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The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment

There has been increasing interest in the use of Soursop for cancer treatment and its ability to kill cancer cells naturally.

Soursop goes by a number of names, including graviola, guanabana, and corrosol; in Malaysia we call it durian belanda. Continue reading “The Use of Soursop for Cancer Treatment”

The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments

Screenshot natural therapyMany are aware of the adverse side effects of conventional methods to treat cancer, yet much scepticism remains regarding natural cancer treatments.  Such scepticism is hardly surprising since all the conventional cancer treatments have gone through rigorous testing to ‘prove’ they work whereas there has been limited testing on alternative treatments; Continue reading “The Case for Natural Cancer Treatments”

My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally

The Proverbial Death Sentence

In January 2017, a lump removed from my neck turned out to be malignant so I immediately started learning how to heal cancer naturally. How did I do it?   What ‘trickery’ did I use to baffle the doctors?

Here is a more detailed account of my personal experience and how I cured my cancer through natural means.

Continue reading “My Personal Experience – Healing Cancer Naturally”

My New Blogging Experience – Satire

Natural HealingMy website has been set up to share information about natural therapies, how to avoid cancer naturally, and the use of natural therapies should you already have it. If i can generate an income on the side, then that’s a great plus point for me to support my huge family. But, I’m discovering that this blogging thing is not so easy. Continue reading “My New Blogging Experience – Satire”