Welcome to Cancer Natural Therapy


There is a natural abundance of foods, fruits, and herbs that can be used  to treat and even cure cancer naturally.  Often dismissed as ‘quack science‘, historical experience has shown that nature truly is the best medicine.

Since I’m currently based in Malaysia, it is the ideal place to research and ask the locals about the curative  properties of the indigenous fruits and herbs.

I would like to share my experience, and to share information regarding the many alternative options for the treatment and healing of cancer.


As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’; here you will learn how to avoid cancer naturally through diet, natural supplements, lifestyle, and to potentially even cure it.

As I continue my research, I will provide regular updates with personal thoughts, information, and resources.  I hope you find this site informative, interesting, and educational.  Come visit again, it may save yourself or a loved one.

Feel free to leave your comments on any of my posts or drop me an email.

I pray for your good health and wish you well.